COVID-19 tracking

The COVID-19 Entry Tracking Application for Offices and Schools.

Easy Access, Setup

With the back-end CRM you can configure employees, parents and students with minimal information required. Email notifications for those requiring access to the COVID-19 forms are automatically emailed.

Personalized Link

Each person that is required to fill out the COVID-19 symptom questionnaire will have their own personal URL. This link is regenerated and emailed on a 30 or 60 day cycle.

Entry / Exit Tracking

Users will have the ability to monitor the entry of staff and/or students and confirm the details before allowing entry. Detailed records of entry/exit times are recorded and exportable in CSV format.

  • Starter
    • $ 40 Monthly
      • 150 People Tracked
      • 5 Logins *
      • Setup Included

  • Business
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • 400 People Tracked
      • 10 Logins *
      • Setup Included

* You need a login for each person that will be assigned to assess the employees/students as they enter the office/school.